June 9-10, 2003

The road to Mazatlan

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Erick Rolando Osuna, the heavily armed security guard (police?) at the Pemex station in Culiacán
At the Tropic of Cancer (for the third time) just before Mazatlan
The inside of the cathedral in Mazatlan
The cathedral seen from the zócalo (the main square) in Mazatlan
Many of the houses are painted in bright colours, like this one
One of the many dogs taking a siesta. Ten seconds later he was barking after a cyclist
The beach Olas Altas in Mazatlan. Impossible to go for a swim.
Venus apparently is this way.
The zócalo and the many shoe shine stands
The interior of the busy market in Mazatlan. The St. Lawrence market in Toronto is very similar
The sunset over the beach in Mazatlan
The canadian flag upside down outside a hotel in Mazatlan

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